Sunday 7th July

When we got there daddy asked gary the man in charge if we could do some more digging. He said we could go and do another window if we wanted or some digging at the top on the path.

We helped dig up stones and put them into the wheel barrow. We put all the stones into a big pile by the car park.

It was really hard work. I wanted to push the wheel barrow back up the hill myself and I DID IT!

Sunday 23rd June

Today daddy and me went back to the fort and this time we got to help. The thing that we help with was ...

weed picking, we picked weeds out from the walls of the fort and the roof of the tunnel. After a cup of tea I helped one of the men to dig out the stones from the window. Then daddy and me cleared out a whole window by ourselves.

It was great fun and I was proud of myself!

Here are some more pictures of my fun day ...

Sunday 9th June

Today I went to help out the fort for the very first time. Daddy, Jake and me all rode our bikes to the shoreham fort. I wanted to do some digging but after daddy had talked to the man in charge and signed some papers it was too late and time to go home! I got a little bit upset but daddy said we would go back next time.

Why do I want to help?

I have decided to help out because the fort is special to me. It is special because we go there every year to celebrate my grandpas birthday. When Grandpa was alive he loved the sea. It is important for the fort to be fixed up so other people can remember how it was like in the older times.