Sunday 15th September

Today I went to the fort to help out because it helps me to remember my Grandpa!

When I went today, it was a bit of a change because we had to be there early. It was a bit of a celebration thing. The was lots going on, and quite hard for me to stay out of trouble.

When we first got there everyone set up the tent and it looked quite nice, when it was finished Jake and I went to play for a little bit and then when we got back the tent was blowing away! Daddy and Gary chased after and grabbed it and nearly blew away - if the tent had done one more spin it would have been in the sea! It was hilarious - Jake and me nearly laughed our heads off! The tent was broken so we could not use it any more.

We still did the digging like we do usually, but not for the whole time. We found the kitchen floor and it was a pretty pattern.


This is where the kitchen used to be on the map ....

When it was lunch time Gary said we could eat our lunch in the south caponier, which was really cool! A tour came in when we were eating which was a bit weird but still fun.

Gary showed lots of people how to shot an old gun and how to be a soldier. Jake and I tried being soldier again like we did last time. It was fun, even the marching.

There was a man doing a stall that let people fire guns at a metal man. It was really fun, I only did one of the guns but Jake got to have a go at all three.

This is me at the end of the day playing soldiers, which was great because Gary said we could use the pretend guns. The special one because they actually look like guns not just the brown and white ones. I liked to defend the fort when Jake attacked.  

At the end of the day it rained - a lot! Jake and me stayed in the shell holes so that we did not get wet! We had to get Grandma to come and rescue us in her car instead on cycling home. Mummy stayed with the bikes and help to tidy up and we went and had a hot bath! Mummy came home later with the bikes in the van.