Sunday 4th August

My brother and my mummy came this time. We all rode our bikes there. Mummy help out in the hut making tea. First me and Jake did some varnishing for the back of the hut. We did one each.

Then we did some rubbish picking with daddy, there was a lot of McDonald's things that people had left behind that we found there. We picked it up with something I don't know what it is called but it is used to grab things. We found a lot of rubbish, we filled one whole bag!

Because we had worked so hard we stopped for some lunch and mummy got us a cookie.

Next was my favourite part of the day. We did some digging and we did it on the grass. We were looking for the floor of the big building that used to be there a long time ago.

Daddy went to get us a little wheelbarrow to deliver the mud to the big mud hill. Daddy told me to take the wheelbarrow to the big mud hill every time it was full.


Soon we had a whole group of piles of mud. It was really fun and I got really dirty. I made a group of things that were very old, so I went to go and ask Gary about them.

This is where we were digging on the big map.

Then me and Jake varnished the top of the soldiers.

Not soon after that we came back to the digging and there was a massive group of people and I made a new friend. We took turns taking the wheelbarrow to the big mud hill.

This is how much digging we did.

Just before we left, Gary put up our soldiers on the back of the hut. Its quite cool because you can see it from the lighthouse.

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  1. Very good Lilly wonderful write-up I'm glad you are helping. If only there were more young people like you it would get do a lot quicker