Sunday 10th November

Today was a really great day at the fort and I was there for a really long time.

Mummy, daddy, Jake and me all rode our bikes we went past the wreath that Gary and Sharon had laid in the morning and stopped to have a look.

First we had to put the big tent up again, this time is was tied to the ground so that it would not blow away. We helped lots during the day but the bit I liked the most was putting out all the jars and candles ready for later.


After that Jake and I got to play until it was dark and then then band came and started the music. While we waited for people to come I practised my Kata (I wanted to show Grandpa!)

When the people came, daddy, Jake and I helped to show people what to do and where to go and mummy helped in the hut making the coffee and tea. Father Terry came and spoke to everyone and then people lit candles to remember people. I did some for my Grandpa.

It looked really pretty in the dark.

We stayed until ot got cold and then Grandma came to get us! The fire was still burning when we left and we could see it as we drove past the light house.

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