Sunday 19th January 2014

Today we rode back to the fort to carry on with the Nissen Hut.

The first job today was to dig around the base. This is for the wood that will be put down for the base just like the plans I found on the computer.

It was very hard work but there were lots of people to help.

After lunch some of the helpers carried on digging at the top of the fort near where the cannons would be and daddy carried on painting the metal curves. This time he painted them grey. This time I got to help for a bit longer.

Jake and I then got to play for a while. I had brought my bow and arrows with me so really enjoyed it. We both made some animals in the sand on the bank. I made a cat. Daddy's friend Ashley came with his children and had a tour - I hope he enjoyed it!


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog Lily! You are doing some good work, can't wait to see the finished hut! xx EMMA

  2. Hello lilly it was nice seeing you on sunday at the fort you are doing a really good job with daddy and Jake. it is a lot diffrent than I remmber we had a really good tour gary tould us lots of facts about the fort. hopefully you could do you own tour soon

  3. Well done Lily you have worked so hard . Hope you are proud of the results so far . Keep up the great work X Sarah

  4. That looks really good!!!! Would my daughter Siobhan enjoy it as she likes history? Is there a lot to read there for her?

  5. yes she might like to help maybe on one of the tours that gary (baines) does

  6. Thank you all for your comments I really liked reading them.